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Faculty & Staff




Stephanie Feith, Principal

HES K-2 Charter School Campus         




Erika McGuire, Principal

FMC 3-5 Charter School Campus




Rosie Sanchez-Wagner, Secretary

HES K-2 Charter School Campus



Laurel Green, Secretary

FMC 3-5 Charter School Campus



Laura Ramos, Bilingual Office Asst

HES K-2 Charter School Campus




Hilda Magallanes, Bilingual Office Asst

FMC 3-5 Charter School Campus





S. Coventry, Kindergarten
When I am not at school, I am hiking, exercising, reading, or spending quality time with my  friends and family!



E. Peterson, Kindergarten

Teaching has always been my passion! I am inspired by Dr. Seuss, I enjoy photography, and I love soaking up some sunshine in the beautiful outdoors!



M. Hernandez, 1st Grade
When I am not at school, I love to travel with my husband and children. We enjoy being adventurous!




L. Walter, 1st Grade

When I am not as school, I am running, playing with my dogs, or enjoying time with friends and family.



M. Hadley, 2nd Grade
I have been in the classroom since 1997. When I am not at school, I love to work in my garden, travel, or quilt.



C. Petereit, 2nd Grade
I love spending time outdoors - running, working in my garden, and taking hikes. I have always been fortunate to have a job that I love doing. Time outside and time with kids is a perfect combination.



E. George, 3rd Grade



C. Harkey, 3rd Grade


C. Caprio, 4th Grade

I love inspiring students to become independent thinkers and learners. I aim to develop a curiosity for knowledge while fostering them to explore and develop their own unique strengths in order to become conscious, productive, and happy members of society. Outside of school I enjoy yoga, running, hiking, cooking, travel and African drumming. 



A. Lyon, 4th Grade




L. Phipps, 5th Grade
I love being outdoors! I would spend more time in my garden if I could.

Pillinini Lisa 68.jpg


L. Pillinini, 5th Grade
When I am not at HCS, I enjoy being with my family and my pets. We love to camp, ski, and go out to dinner together. My favorite part of the evening is sitting in the hot tub and listening to my family's stories.



S.Mazzi, ReadingSpecialist/InterventionTeacher



S. Ramirez, Spanish
My greatest enjoyment in teaching is watching the spark of curiosity become the flame of learning.



E. Donau Sinclair, K-2 RSP/Intervention
I love teaching and watching students grow, both academically and socially. Facilitating this process teaches me new things every day. When I am not in the classroom, I love traveling and making my own discoveries.


D. Mascik, 3-5 RSP/Intervention
Since moving to Healdsburg from Ohio in 2011, I enjoy the beautiful surroundings every day and like being active in the community. The things I love most about teaching are challenging my students to do their best, helping to build their confidence, and watching them grow as individuals.