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What's happening in kindergarten?

Trimester 1 

The essential question for our first PBL unit is how can we make our community better? The kindergarten classrooms will be exploring our neighborhood and will interview community helpers in order to understand how citizens work together to improve their community.


Trimester 2

The kindergarten students will be making predictions, recording observations and making discoveries as they create and conduct scientific experiments. Through hands-on projects and engaging field studies, students will learn about gravity, force and motion. The driving question for our exploration is "how can we make things move?" 


Trimester 3

Students will discover the differences between living and non-living things. They become entomologists as they explore insects and observe the metamorphosis of a butterfly. As botanists, the kindergartners, will plant seeds and watch as the roots, stem, and leaves grow. Then kindergarten students take on the role of zoologists as they research animals to learn about their characteristics, diets, and habitats.