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About HCS

Healdsburg Charter School is a free, public school within the Healdsburg Unified School District offering an alternative elementary program where parents and staff work together to fulfill the school's outcomes including providing an environment that fosters a love of learning. Through real-world experiences, instruction in a second language, the integration of the arts, technology  and science across the curriculum and the development of the whole child, the community is committed to developing students who embody creativity, curiosity and joy.

The Charter school is located on both the Healdsburg Elementary School campus for 1st-2nd Grades, and on the Fitch Mountain Campus for 3rd-5th grades.

Toolbox Program

Students also develop their capacity to manage their own behavior through the use of the Toolbox program. The Toolbox curriculum helps students develop the social and emotional skills necessary to be successful at school and in life.

Students learn and practice these 12 tools:

  1. Breathing Tool: I can take a breath-I calm myself
  2. Quiet/Safe Place Tool: I remember my quiet/safe place
  3. Listening Tool: I listen with my eyes, ears and heart
  4. Empathy Tool: I care for others, I care for myself
  5. Personal Space Tool: I have a right to my space and so do you
  6. Using Our Words Tool: I ask for what I want need
  7. Garbage Can Tool: I let the little things go
  8. Taking Time Tool: I use time wisely
  9. Please and Thank You Tool: I treat others with kindness and appreciation
  10. Apology and Forgiveness Tool: I admit my mistakes and work to forgive others
  11. Patience Tool: I am strong enough to wait
  12. Courage Tool: I have the courage to do the “right” thing

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English Learner Advisor Committee (ELAC)

ELAC is a group of staff, parents and community members designed to advise the school on programs and services to support English Learners. 

Positive Behavior Support

HES/HCS/FMC has a school climate that is supportive of every student’s right to learn and play in an environment that is free from outside interference and harm. The school community also values a philosophy of reinforcing and modeling positive behavior in order that such desired behavior becomes habit in each student.

Students are supported by a school-wide Positive Behavior Support program called BEST (Building Effective Schools Together) and we focus on three main ideas:

We are Safe, We are Responsible, We are Respectful