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3rd Grade

3rd Grade Rocks!!

We are so excited for this school year!! Project Based Learning is at the forefront of our learning! Our first PBL unit, Citizens for Change, gets us thinking beyond the classroom and out to the greater community. Come by and check out our “Kindness Rocks” garden!!

Other PBLs for the year will focus on Climate and Weather as well as Biome and Animal Adaptation study.

Visits to the California Academy of Sciences, Sonoma County Historical Museum and others will make this 3rd grade year even more authentic and exciting!

We also devote much of our day to NGSS aligned standards based instruction in language arts, math, science, social studies and physical education.

We are so fortunate to provide enriching experiences thanks to PTO and HEF. We look forward to the year ahead and to continue student and teacher growth and learning.

We are FMC